PRE-ORDER! Magswitch Hand Sanitizer - 81001379

PRE-ORDER! Magswitch Hand Sanitizer - 81001379
PRE-ORDER! Magswitch Hand Sanitizer - 81001379
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PRE-ORDER! Magswitch Hand Sanitizer - 81001379

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Magswitch a company with many safety products recently developed this simple safety product due to high demand. In this post corona world we know that cleanliness and safety will be required across all industries. This sanitation station offers a quick/easy solution to comply with safety regulations around the world. Here are some examples of where we have already began to generate interested:

• Robotic Weld Cells
• Machining Centers
• Areas with Touch Control
• Vending Stations
• Parts Rooms
• Construction Site Work Areas
• Lobbies
• Office Areas/Conference Rooms
• Bathrooms/Locker rooms


  • Allows you to have sanitizing stations anywhere in your facility
  • Has strong permanent magnets to attach to ferrous material
  • Versatile, also come with easy screw mounting brackets to allow you to place this anywhere
  • Manual pump and detachable refill slot allows the user to have sanitizing availability year round


  • Maximum hold:         44kg (97lb) mounted with permanent magnets
  • Maximum capacity:   500mL Refillable Cartridge
  • Dispenser Unit Type: Liquid type sanitizer
  • Overall length:           230mm (9.05")
  • Overall width:            110mm (4.33")
  • Overall Depth:           110mm (4.33")

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