Magswitch MagMount 400 - 8100523

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Magswitch MagMount 400 - 8100523

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Magswitch magnetic mount allows for easy movement and placing of a tool. With a single on and off lever, you have 190 kg of magnetic hold force at your disposal. The top of the tool is ready for mounting a variety of accessories. 


  • Magnetic field turns completely on and off mechanically.
  • Does not use an electrical power source.
  • Magnet stays clean.
  • Holds flat and round surfaces of steel.
  • Fixed bar magnet is for flat steel
  • Swivel bar magnet is for round or uneven shapes.
  • Multiple threaded holes on the top.
  • Perfect for top mount tools, measuring and security devices. 

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  • Max Breakaway: 420 lbs (190.5 kg) on 3/8'' steel
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 1/4'' (6 mm)
  • Product Weight: 2.4 lbs (1 kg)
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.2 x 2.6 in (116.8 x 81.2 x 66 mm)
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 64 mm x 41.26 mm


Magswitch MagMount 400 Spec Sheet

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