Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946

Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946
Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946
Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946
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Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit - 8800946

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The Bandsaw Featherboard is a safety attachment which pushes the workpiece against a fence during feeding to prevent wandering and binding. Attach it to steel bandsaw tables with the feathers in compression to apply even force. When rotated 180°, an array of six bearings allow it to function as a vertical roller guide for easy feeding of tall stock.


  • Includes two Magjig 150’s for strong holding forces
  • Wide footprint for stability
  • Magnet footprint spans most miter slots
  • Functional in left or right-handed positions
  • Knobs improve visibility of magnet ON/OFF state
  • Print or modify your own featherboard components with the provided solid model files.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Magjig 150s
  • 4 Magjig mounting screws
  • 2 connecting bolts
  • 2 connecting thumb nuts
  • 6 bearings
  • 2 bearing shafts

*NOTE: Plastic featherboard components which hold roller bearings and magjigs are not supplied as part of the kit!

Use at Your Own Risk

The methods and information provided for this product in no way provide any safety or warranty guarantee to the customer. Magswitch Technology Incorporated is not liable for any property damage, injury, or death caused by the use of this product. Magswitch Engineering is available for advising on safety related aspects of product use, but ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility to guarantee safety while using this product. Please contact us at for specific application inquiries.

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    Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit Spec Sheet

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